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Recent content by charles waggoner

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    Cler lathe for sale

    Bill Adams, Broken Arrow, OK has a Cler lathe with many accessories for sale. The lathe was used very little and many of the components were never used. I believe the lathe is Paul's number 12. Bill is asking $14,500.00 but will consider any reasonable offer. You may contact him at...
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    Spreadsheets for barleycorn calculations

    Bill, Thanks for providing the information. Real nice. Charles
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    Face Time Shop Visits!

    Face Time is a great way to get a question answered very quickly. Brad Davis and I have used it several time while explaining a cut or procedure on the rose engine. Certainly makes it much easier to explain something. Google Hangout sounds like the ideal way to go for a group to get together...
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    MDF Rose Engine For Sale on Ebay, Gladwin, Michigan

    Jeffrey, Thanks for posting this information on the site. Looks like a well built rose engine and certainly worth the money being asked. Hopefully, the person that acquires it will become a member of OTI.
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    Spirograph toy for a rose engine

    The interesting thing about the gear arrangement is the ratio between the little gear and the big gear mounted on the mandrel will determine the number of bumps you will obtain and the offset of the spindle on the small gear will determine the amplitude of the rosette. Really simple way to play...
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    Wonderful Example of Engine Turning

    David, Thanks for posting, this was an unbelievable work of art.