Computerized Index Wheel

I've published two videos on YouTube that show how to make a computerized index wheel. You can have any number of holes and easily create unique patterns. Although I developed this for ornamental turning work, it will definitely come in handy for people doing open segmented work (or any other aspect of turning that needs indexing). Robert Key has successfully implemented this approach on an MDF Rose Engine (perhaps he will post a photo or two).

The first video shows how I mounted a stepper motor to my JET mini-lathe:

The second video shows how to use the software that I developed for Macs, PCs, or Linux computers:

Parts list with sources for parts and other construction tips are on my web site at:

For those of you who want to take a first step into computerized machinery, this is a small and comfortable first step. You won't need to know anything about writing software. The electrical connections are easy: 6 color coded wires to a circuit board, 2 wires to a power supply, and a USB cable to the computer.

Although this might be heresy, you could easily add a stepper motor to the spindle of that old Holtzappfel machine as well.
Stepper Motor on the MDF Lathe.

Bill -

I will post some pictures. If anyone wants to e-mail me I will be happy to explain how I modified the MDF lathe and answer question about the whole process. Thanks you for making the software that makes the "virtual"
index wheel possible.

Robert Key