Convert CNC lathe to OT?

First off let me introduce myself. My name is John Carpenter. Two years ago I could find only one mention of CNC OT on the net and now there is a forum with a section for it. Wow!.

I am an amateur wood worker turned CNC metalworker now turning back to wood. I have retrofitted a Benford ORAC CNC lathe and am using it to turn pens. I have acquired a mini-lathe headstock that I am mounting on the ORAC where the tailstock used to be. The plan is to add an indexing stepper to the second headstock and then mount a cutter on the XZ tool rest. Does anyone have any comments about this approach? I have never done any OT before.

John C
John --

I'm not familiar with the ORAC (but I looked around the internet and found some limited info). Is it driven by g-code? Or some other means of control?

It seems to me that mounting an OT cutter on the tool rest should work OK for you. As you identified, you'll need to have a stepper controlling the spindle.

Let us know how this works for you.