Enamelling on guilloche

Can anyone direct me to some information on how to get started with enamelling over guilloche? When I look at silversmithing books, there is a lot of info on all sorts of enamelling techniques, but so far I've not found anything relating to enamelling on guilloche.
Bill, I haven't found anything directly related to enameling over guilloche. Rio Grande has some videos on enameling in general. I did learn at the OT Symposium that enameling over Argentium does not work well. There's something about the germanium oxide on the surface of the silver that does not allow the enameling to adhere well. I tried to flame torch enamel some Argentium, and it didn't work well. Apparently most of those who enamel silver use fine silver. I think a kiln is the way to go. Phil Porrier does some enameling over guilloche on silver. He had some beautiful pieces at the OT Symposium last year. David Lindow knows another guy who is doing some, but I don't remember his name. Shoot David an email.
I just received a call from Ramsay Holmes who was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone. He's got me off to a good start on where to go next. Thanks, Ramsay!
This is my first reply to a thread. Hope I do it right.

I have been experimenting with enameling over Guilloche. My enameling instructor says the proper term is "basse taille". You will find some help in the enameling books under this term. I have never found anything in the current books on gold or silversmithingI use copper and fine silver. Sterling would work if you depletion gild first. You get a much clearer coating if you stiff at 200 mesh then was the grains. I always counter enamel at the same time that I fire the first coat on the front of the piece. (As much as I love Argentium, it will not work. The melt temp is too close to the fusing temp of the enamel and the germanium oxide layer.) I have posted a piece, I think it may be in the MDF forum. Hope this helps a little.
Thanks for taking the time to answer. Your comment on Argentium is consistent with what I've heard from others. The "official" statement on Argentium down-plays the problems, but admits that transparent enamels change color. There's really no reason to use Argentium, because the enameling (on fine silver) won't tarnish anyway. You can still use Argentium for bezels, etc.
Hello All! If you remember at the OTI Symposium last fall in Columbus, Phil Poirier brought some truly stunning examples of enamel over guilloché. I have forwarded the link to this thread to him and hopefully he will post some suggestions.