Engine Turning Glossary and Guide

Thank you for posting this Celia. It always was a helpful resource and is especially so now that it's in *.pdf format.


Please check here:


There, you will find a Glossary and Guide gleaned primarily from a dissolved engine turning company. There is a lot of good information there not generally available in such a compact format. It is all in PDF form for easy download.

If you would like to add to it, please contact me via the blog.



Thanks for putting this most useful information out. It is an exceptional resource for anyone wanting to do guilloche or engine turning. I know it took a lot of work, but many of us will benefit.

Hello Celia!
Thank you very much for sharing the reconstructed Info-sheets with us! I thougt, the Information was lost!
pledge.co.uk was the initial website that inspired me to build my own machine!

If you enjoy further books about guilloche, The Fabergé Case (From the private collection of John Traina), ISBN 0-8109-3344-6 is a "musthave" for you!
Greetings from Germany
Ingo Groth


Celia, I've only done a small amount of guilloche work but now have both a straight line machine and a Lindow Rose Engine and your post is fantastic information. I'll make good use of it.

Thank you!

Richard Vanstrum