G-rose a simple rose engine simulation written in g code

I wondered if it would be possible to write a simple rose engine entirely as a g code program that would run directly on emc. So I gave it a go and the resultant code + documentation can be found on my blog.


Of course there is no user interface but emc's pre-plot will show the cutter path.

The basic functionality is
1) Two spindles each holding up to 20 rosettes. Rosettes on a spindle can be blended together.
2) Seven types of rosette
3) A geometric chuck with up to 20 stages where each stage is defined by a rosette.

I would welcome any feedback, notification of bugs etc.

Hi Alan

Nice work. Inspiring to see the use of g-code subroutines. The subroutines easily get cluttered.

I have played a little with the RoseG code and result can be seen in the "RoseBV made from Unimat1CNC parts".