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North Texas OTI Gathering - Updated


The class is full and all plans are moving forward with preparations. We hope this will be a fun and educational gathering. Thank you to everyone who responded and all participants. We will keep a standby list for now in case we have an attendee drop out.


We are trying to organize an ornamental turning work shop here in North Texas with Peter Gerstel from the State of Washington leading the event. It would be May 5,6,7 and held near Princeton, TX about 30 miles north east of Dallas, TX. We are planning on having 4 Lindow Rose Engine lathes and think 4 people per lathe would give every one a change to get some hands on. These sessions can be very helpful to gain knowledge about these machines and great exchange of ideas.

We are anticipating to cover cost of Peters fees, transportation , and wood it cost around $100 per person if we have 16 in attendance. The cost could vary based on attendance and other unknowns.

Some of the topics are:


Finals with the curvilinear and finishing the bottom

Use of the elliptical cutting frame for making circle designs and barleycorn patterns

Elliptical shaping on the outside of the box

Cutting the inside of an elliptical box with the circular cutting frame (and outside) using the laser for guide

Cutting the inside of a round bottom box using the laser for a guide.

Oval box demo and discussion. (This would be good for groups of 3 or 4 if we do it for all and takes a fair amount of time

Other topics that you would like to see could be added

If you are interested please let Dan Henry, Martin Strand or myself know by Saturday March 18 so we can know if there is enough interest to continue our planning.

Jeff Edwards
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We had very successful gathering and I would like to thank everyone who participated. We had 16 attendees on four lathes, all learning from Peter.
Thank you Peter Gerstel for traveling and walking us thru some informative projects and providing excellent tips along the way.
Thank you Dan Henry, Martin Strand and Charles Waggoner for organizing, prepping blanks, as well as bringing your lathe and tools.
A second thanks to Dan Henry for finding participants and dealing with registration.
Thank you Charles Waggoner for prepping blanks as well as bringing your lathe and tools from Oklahoma with thanks to Brad Davis for helping.
Thanks to everyone who shared information on their tools and techniques. This really added a lot to the gathering.
I apologize to those who were not able to get in on the class after it filled up. We wanted to limit the class size to 4 people per lathe to give time for people to try out the techniques. With the amount of interest we received, I am guessing we will do this again in the future....after everyone recovers. LOL
It appears we will have some new ornamental turners added to our midst and I believe all of us walked away with some new ideas and renewed enthusiasm.
That is the second reason I wanted to thank everyone. I look forward to seeing your work in the future.