Version 2.0 of the Rose Engine Surface simulator software

After many months, I've finally got the major upgrade done! Version 2.0 of the RESurface software is now available. To see a quick video on the new features, see YouTube video at

New features include:

* The ability to create new rosette patterns with an easy-to-use graphic editor. You can edit the rosette's pattern and immediately see the effect on the cut surface. When satisfied, you can output the rosette shape to a file for use in a spread sheet. This is particularly useful for people who want to make their own custom rosettes.

* The ability to create new cutter profiles. You can create and edit various profiles just like the old historic ornamental lathes had and see the effect on the cut surface.

* Rosette patterns, cutter profiles, and spiral algorithms may be written in software by users and imported as "plug-ins" to become a permanent part of the software. This allows the creation of libraries (for example, rosettes for the MDF and LW rose engine) that can be easily shared by all users.

* Lots of other small features and "goodies" that have been added.

I'm currently using this version in the shop with an added option of writing g-code to the output to drive a motor-driven stage with EMC2 software (changing to Mach3 maybe). This g-code feature is not part of the RESurface2 software, but is an extension to it. If you have an interest in this option, please contact me directly for further discussion. It's not a "turn-key" solution just yet.
Looks interesting Bill. I just picked up a rose engine and I'm interested in making some of my own rosettes. This looks like it'll be handy.